Sempre specializes in Italian pizza!

We put a lot of effort to make our pizza special.

Pizza in Sempre has thin crust. It is prepared according to original Italian method with Italian 00 flour, sea salt, water and a little bit of yeast. Our dough is made fresh every day by hand and allowed to rest for eight hours. Our pizzaiolos create a light, fresh and delicious pizza. The sauce, made of italian tomatoes and fresh herbs also is also prepared by us.

Except for fresh fuits and vegetables, all ingriedients are imported from Italy.

Our cheeses and cured meats are certified with DOP certificate (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) that guaranties their highest quality.

In our Italian Sempre Garden Restaurant we are serving dishes made with fresh seafood from regular deliveries.

Sempre is a perfect spot for a quick lunch, romantic dinner or a joyful feast for family and friends.

The interiors of our restaurants are timeless, simple and cozy. There is a subtle retro atmosphere of Italian dolce vita, enhanced by popular Italian music in the background.

Families with kids are always very welcomed in Sempre- we have prepared high chairs and coloring books for the youngest guests. In our Sempre Garden Restaurant in Sopot we have also a big, safe playground in the garden, changing table, kids corner with PlayStation and a special kids menu.

All our dishes, sauces, appetizers, salads and desserts are prepared every day in our restaurants from the freshest ingredients of Best possible quality.

We avoid artificial food additives and preservatives. The mouthwatering taste of our food comes from fresh vegetables, herbs, spices and aromatised olive oil produced by us.